Founder & designer of STRGRL, Natalie Alysa, found herself always having to shop in the men's section/steal from her bf's side of the closet in order to find sweats with the fit she was looking for...

She also realized the sweats she bought would turn to sh*t after just a couple washes - which became irritating when her sweats were her day to night fit. Oh, & who wants to pay $400 for a quality sweatsuit?

This is what inspired her to launch STRGRL - a label that opened space for women in streetwear.

“I feel super confident when I put on a matching sweatsuit that fits + feels just right. I know other 
girls feel the same. I wanted to create a space of streetwear pieces that were actually designed by a women and intended for them. It’s 2021 and we don’t need to be told what is considered feminine." - Natalie Alysa